Learning Ayurveda

Whatever your level of knowledge or experience we would be happy and honoured to help you study AYURVEDA - whether as a beginner who wants to start understanding VATA PITTA KAPHA, or a Professional who wants to understand the nuances of complex pathogenesis, and how AYURVEDA and PANCHKARMA can help, or any of the associated subjects of Ayurveda ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, AYURVEDIC PHARMACOLOGY, preparations of medicines, CHIKITSA / Therapies and even Ayurvedic cooking. We would mentor you and tailor the learning to your individual needs. 

YOGA and AYURVEDA are two sciences which go hand in hand. We help you understand what links the two disciplines and also how they differ despite their similarities. We like to see ourselves as your counselors and we are constantly learning from our students. We love to teach and critically appreciate the SAMHITA (CHARAKA SAMHITA, SUSHRUTA SAMHITA, ASHTANGA SANGRAHA SAMHITA and the likes).

Our teaching is conducted in English and German. We have been teaching at Institutes across Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria for over a decade. We are proficient in German. 

Our Japanese associates enable us to teach in Nihongo.  

We are very proud of our students who come from all the hemispheres of the world. 

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